Go Green when home remodeling

Go Green when home remodeling

There are many things that a person can do to Go Green when home remodeling. The first step is to keep conservation in mind when designing and then follow this up with any possibilities of the use of alternative or renewable energy. Conservation is a much overlooked area of living green. And although the use of renewable energy is the key to the long run in sustaining life on the planet, conservation can extend the resources we have left greatly. So when you remodel, start with the conservation of energy. This is where the greatest waste can be found.

Regardless of what type of energy is being used, the design of large window space that allows for sunlight to pass into the home in large amounts during the winter time, will cut down on the use of heating energy. This is especially important when using electricity or heating oil as an energy source. You will also need to consider a method to block out as much sun as possible in the summer time to cut down on the use of an air conditioner.

A sun roof is a valuable addition in going green as it provides a lot of light in the daytime. This cuts back on the amount of electricity used for lighting. A remodeled home can have fluorescent lighting installed. This, over the long run, will cut down on the amount of energy used in the home. Another overlooked area is insulation. Insulating your house will prevent the heat from leaking out in the winter time and the cold air leaking out in the summer. A well insulated house is an energy efficient house.

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